Reducing people risk during mergers and acquisitions

Talent Intuition’s Pi3 is a cultural compatibility tool that works with teams immediately post-merger or acquisition. Pi3 helps you understand differences in culture across your teams, geographies, leaders and your Board to reduce people risk.

The most important factor for the success of a deal is a well-executed integration plan.


47% executives leave within 12 months of acquisition.


90% of acquisitions fall short of expectations


Productivity in the first four to five months is generally reduced by 50%


£46bn is spent each year on M&A activity that will not deliver shareholder value

We believe that acquisitive companies should identify differences in culture at the earliest possible stage in a deal lifecycle to reduce the risk of failure.

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How culturally aligned are the leadership teams of both entities?

What cultural differences exist between teams?

Where are they key areas of risk due to cultural clashes?

People define the culture of an organisation and cultural clash is a barrier to effective integration.

Pi3 helps organisations identify and address key areas of people risk during mergers and acquisitions.

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When cultures clash the fundamental ways of working are so different that people at all levels get frustrated, anxious and leave. Productivity falls, opportunities are lost, and clients move elsewhere.

Find out how Pi3 can help you mitigate that risk.

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About Pi3

Securing your future competitive advantage

We believe that acquisitive companies should identify differences in culture at the earliest possible stage in a deal lifecycle to reduce the risk of failure.

  • Acts as an engagement tool during integration
  • Helps to reduce attrition in the early days
  • Visual representation brings data to life
  • Configurable user rights so each user can take action at individual, team, leadership or investor level
  • Ongoing assessment throughout the year provides live data
  • Easy to implement
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Our clients use Pi3 to bring companies together quickly, more effectively and maximise returns in a shorter space of time.

Team integration

Differences across teams can negatively impact results. Country teams need to be aligned to maximise global opportunities and leadership teams need to be aligned to maximise efficiencies.

Employee engagement

Rolling out the tool, co-branded, at the same time as announcements to the business, acts as an engagement exercise – showing that both cultures are being explored and that the strengths from each business can be identified.

Leadership buy-in

Understanding the approach to risk, attitude to change, the focus of the teams, the workplace environment and how collaborative a company is, helps the leadership teams to gain buy-in.

Securing your future competitive advantage

“Any business has two resources it can deploy: capital and talent. There is an optimal way to deploy each and we provide intelligence to cover the talent side of the equation.”

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Pi3 makes it easy to visualise key cultural dimensions of difference across different entities, leadership teams, functions and countries to help integration teams decide where to focus activity.

Visual representation

Pi3 provides a picture of cultural differences across entities at company or team level, or both. Visual representations can be downloaded and integrated into reports

Easy to use

Participants complete a ten minute online questionnaire. Pi3 is fully automated so users receive reminders to complete the survey

Live data

Pi3 runs every 100 days and monitors differences so you can understand the internal mood of your organisation at any point in time.


Ability to amend or upload any number of different questions and categories and offer different user rights so managers can view their teams only

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